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Preliminary meeting of the Geneva Web Collective

Last night I met Samuel and Florian at Tim's house to discuss what the Geneva Web collective should be. Apologies from Marc, Stephie and Gerald. This is as far as we got:

  1. The Geneva Web Collective will be an association of web professionals working under a single umbrella to support non-profit organisations and to implement their online strategies.
  2. We aim to be the first point of enquiry when non-profit and UN organisations in Geneva consider a new web project.
  3. Members of the collective could use the name and reputation of the collective to bid on their own projects. They could then subcontract out parts of their projects to other specialists in the collective using an internal renumerative system.
  4. The organisation would value open source software and knowledge sharing, promoting them through public events
  5. Income would be derived from a 50 CHF per annum membership fee, a 5-10% levy on internal transactions, and from small margins on events.
  6. The membership would seek to expand it's acquaintance through through events. New members would be invited only.
  7. While initially an association, it may be expedient to become a non-profit company in the future.

We each left with a task to report back on for next Tuesday:

Tim would look into the financial limitations of an association, and ask Infomaniac for some free hosting
Matthew would make a formal description of our web site, perhaps even writing some text. I would also contact Geneva Web group to gage their interest in our making their web site and ask if they could supply us a virtual server. I would also ask Stephie if she wants to participate in graphic design.
When a server was sourced, Florian would set it up with Drupal and subversion on it, and show us how to use it.
Samuel would have a first crack at implementing the formal description.

Next meeting will be next Tuesday evening, details to be decided.

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