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2nd preliminary meeting

The nascent Geneva Web Collective met again today, with Gerald, Marcus and Xavier in addition to last weeks attendees. The following points were moreorless agreed:
  • EasyGiga was the right host
  • we should get the domain names genevawebcollective .org, .com, .ch
  • That the units of internal currency would be called hours and would be cashable at 20 CHF
  • There would be two levels of membership, associate and member, where associates would pay more to join than members.
  • The next meeting will be in two weeks, and will be a public Drupal meetup on the subject of using eclipse. We shall meet for half an hour before that.
Francis and Xavier are already cooperating with some others as a freelancer network, and saw less advantage to joining than the others present. The internal accounting mechanism was perceived as possibly complicated. Tim pointed out that there would be financial advantages to paying everything through the collective. Samuel made a list of benefits the collective might offer its associates:
  • Branding / Reputation
  • Exposure, resume building
  • Bigger clients (bigger projects?)
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Easy access to specialists
  • Infrastructure efficiencies, such as bug tracking, hosted cvs, accounting, etc
  • Tax benefits
  • Load sharing
  • Promoting the Drupal platform
We were not able to press ahead with forming an association because we don't have the right people to be chair, secretary, treasurer, and auditor, but we shall recap in two weeks when we have the second Geneva Drupal Meetup. Drinks on Development Seed again!

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