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Curriculum Vitae 2010

Matthew P Slater

Keywords: Itinerant male 45 yrs single Drupal


  • Drupal module development Drupal 7&8: I maintain Community Accounting module and Hamlets distribution
  • Requirements analysis, information architecture, web site development. Understanding from stakeholders what is required of a system, and communicating this, and technical implementation.
  • Presenting and EducatingAs an expert in complementary currencies I regularly speak to audiences about technical and philosophical matters. I also co-authored a masters level MOOC.
  • Leadership As co-founder of nonprofit Community Forge, I oversaw the creation of a semi-technical volunteer team which runs the systems from day to day.

Work History

2015 -present, Community Exchange Systems (Informally)
Advisory architect and volunteer developer for the largest community exchange network in the world.
2013 -present, Global Ecovillage network
Consultant and maintainer of GEN's main online database site.
December 2013 -present, Timebanking New South Wales
I designed and built the site for this government program, part time over five years.
March 2009 - present, Community Forge
I co-founded not-for-profit to help bring my complementary currency software to the communities which need it. My full time occupation since has been managing a multisite server and continuous improvement of the services offered to hosted communities.
2007-2008, Consulting in Geneva
COHRED, DCAF, Shelter Centre, SEL du Lac, Geneva. Helping with requirements, specification and implementation of content management systems for non-profits.
Aug 2004 - September 2007, Shelter Centre, IFRC
Assistant at Shelter Centre. At first volunteering, then employed, then migrated to Geneva, I did all aspects of IT for this energetic organisation as it rose to prominence in the international aid system.
2003 - 2005
Various work to support volunteering. Software tutorials for students with learning disabilities, building and maintaining various web sites. Interned with London thinktank the Fabian Society
2003, ATD Fourth World
Volunteer in 3 month introductory program; drafted response to government white paper on antisocial behaviour; Worked with excluded people on the systems of government and how to affect change; + network administration and other computer support.
Aug 1999 - Dec 2002
Freelance Shockwave programming. programming arcade games for websites such as Ben & Jerry's UK and Aberlour Whisky.
May 2000 - July, Radio B2-92
Sub-Editing news items and reading them on air from a secret studio in Belgrade
Learning, employment in multimedia production, and eventually freelance Shockwave games programming.
Aug 1996 - July 1997
Production manager in family manufacturing business. running and maintaining injection moulding machines.


Plymouth College of Art & Design, Certificate in Multimedia
Edinburgh Language Foundation CTEFLA Grade C
Cardiff University, BD Theology (Hons), 2/2

Well Rounded Personality

I could mention travel, theatre, literature, chess, philosophy, movies, spirituality and much more; but these days I'm fascinated only by money, rebuilding a commons-based Internet, sustaining Community Forge, and interpreting global events.


The world needs a global protocol. I designed this 8 years ago after seeing flaws in Ripple's over-leverage of trust:

The ledger's integrity has to be perfect, which is doable today.

Contact me for more information. I have most solutions to the world's monetary systems designed and ready to go.

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