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Adventures in mutual credit

Cforge architecture

As part of some discussions with other projects, and while I'm upgrading the Cforge drupal distribution to Drupal 7, I'm posting a full description of the architecture here....

In hope that this installation profile may be of use to others, I write here a description of the architecture of this profile. My hope is always to make discreet, reusable components that other developers can modify or build on. The architecture is deliberately simple because my first interest is module development more than site design. Also LETS groups are not very ambitious with technology.

Where to start with credit clearing systems?

[draft of a page intended for Positive Money's web site]

So now you understand that national currency is toxic, and that banks profit from all the money in circulation. You've written to your MP and received the standard response - now what?

Legacy of 15M - Coop renewal

In my capacity of voluntary open-source-money-=system engineer, I just returned from a month deep research in Valencia and Catalona, Spain, the country allegedly next in line after stricken Greece, for the proverbial chop.

Transition bonds?

Transition Network aims to make necessary, large-scale, pervasive changes to the infrastructure of our civilisation and to our society while appealing for funds from charitable organisations and grant-making bodies, much as a donkey sanctuary might.

In a period of capital squeeze, small business, local businesses have less access to captial than ever, because the monetary runes dictate that large, asset stripping organisations make better investments than local, productive, resilient, enterprises.

A week in Transition

Had three very productive visits last week to actors in transition towns.

Coming soon... mutual_credit 7.x-3.0!

After 18 months developing (since Drupal 7 was released), I can't wait to put Community Accounting version 3 to reach production. The need for this software, I believe is more than ever, and awareness of it too, is growing. In four years dedication I've seen the competition fall away, and the main obstacles to implementing grass-roots exchange systems is no longer technical, but political. In Drupal 6 the following has been achieved:


Common Good Finance is developing a set of open source tools for local communities to create liquidity and investment capital, backed by their own productivity. It is looking for local economic actors such as chambers of commerce or Transition Towns who are ready to update the way they do business.

Transition and the money system

Peak Money - A transition conversation

Transition towns gathered in London to advance their thinking on money and the economy, to continue their work with Transition Pounds.

The day opened with a presentation about the problems with the money supply, which was an excellent grounding for many delegates who were more interested in the economy or local economies. Positive Money and NEF are becoming very proficient at explaining these matters.

Mercy for Zimmerman!

The black community complaining loudly the police have decided not to arrest an alleged murderer. Rightfully so. What kind of state is it that lets murderers walk free? Is that what freedom in America means?

Intertrading API Peer review

I have now designed and implemented (in drupal 7) an API suitable for mutual credit sites to 'intertrade'. This means that exchanges can coordinate payments into and out of accounts nominated for the purpose of external trade. The API links up mutual credit exchanges into a mutual credit network of mutual credit exchanges. This is unlike normal money because each exchange, just like each user, must vacillate around zero balance within the network.


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