First Geneva meetup

Geneva is probably the non-profit capital of the world and therefore a natural target for Drupal. Development Seed, who specialise in non-profits, called this meeting as they were passing through soliciting clients. Development Seed have invested a lot in growing the community in Washington DC and there are now three groups in that city.

This meeting was attended by a mixture of developers, organisations using Drupal, and organisations considering Drupal, 16 people in all.

I opened the meeting with a few words about growing the community and the intention to start a 'Geneva Web Collective'. Then Eric Gunderson talked about strategies for growing communities.

Three people delivered lightning talks

  1. Marla Petal from RiskRed(considering drupal) talked about a project she's leading to deliver re-usable disaster preparedness education training source materials in many languages.
  2. Tom Corsellis from Shelter Centre (converting to Drupal) spoke about the need for mapping and other functionalities which Drupal can offer amongst humanitarian organisations
  3. Finally Florian (developer) wielded his laptop and showed us his new garland sub-theme which uses semi transparencies to maximise the effect of changing the background colour.

The formal part of the meeting was then concluded, leaving enough time for everyone to talk to everyone! One suggestion made to me was that the Drupal community do an audit on all the Drupal sites for the UN

There will be a meeting next month, announced on the Switzerland group. There is definitely enough interest to sustain a group in Geneva. Thanks to Dev Seed for picking up the tab!

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