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'Mutual credit' on Wikipedia

I just spent rather longer than I care to admit completely revamping the wikipedia article on mutual credit.

This seemed valuable to me because that idea has been the focal point of my work, and source of much inspiration, since starting this blog in 2008, and I feel it is a simple yet profound idea which is appreciated only by a few money geeks.

In addition I've never seen a definition which satisfied me, rather, people assume what it means, so maybe this article will help some future scholar to better move towards a satisfactory definition!


Jct: I like David Graeber's interpretation in Debt: The First 5,000 Years. He pointed out that pure barter almost never happens but in-head tabs always do: OK, I'll take the first pig for the horse but you still owe me 4 more pigs. Bingo! Mutual Credit.

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