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Volunteer with a global federation of local currencies - in amazing locations!

The new Credit Commons Collective (CCC) is looking for 4 volunteers to work for a minimum of 3 days a week for a minimum of 2 months each. The CCC is a non-profit federation of organisations that host over 300 local currencies worldwide. This Federation currently works entirely with volunteers, serving over 20,000 users. But now we want to scale up massively...

The opportunity is for those who can work in Athens in October and November and/or Bali (Ubud) in January and February, for a minimum of 2 months. Additional months can be done remotely. In either locations, the volunteers will work closely with Matthew Slater, the cofounder of the CCC and Community Forge and Professor Jem Bendell. In both locations the volunteers will be provided with a membership of suitable co-working spaces for social entrepreneurs. As it is currently unfunded, all of us working for the CCC are unpaid volunteers. Therefore, the CCC will not be able to cover any other costs, so that laptop, accommodation, food, transportation and insurances will need to be covered by the volunteer themselves.

The volunteers will help us with the following activities:

  • research for various publications
  • researching suitable donors and codrafting proposals
  • analysing and modelling successful volunteer management systems, then establishing such a system and recruiting future volunteers
  • many other CCC activities that emerge

During a typical 3 day week, volunteers will work alongside either Jem or Matthew on each of 1 day a week, as well as at least one other volunteer. The working environment will be dynamic within a suitable coworking space. If you are interested please contact Matthew Slater before September 1st with a CV and a short statement of not more than 300 words describing

  1. what you would bring to the work (see the 4 areas listed above)
  2. what you would want out of it
  3. an email address and phone number of one referee, who is someone who has directly line managed you before
  4. confirmation that you have assessed the costs and practicalities of being in the required location for a minimum 2 months

Due to our limited resources we will not be able to reply to any other than the shortlisted candidates.

Shortlisting will be done by September 3rd and offers made by September 8th and must be accepted by September 12th. The latest start date in Athens is October 7th and the latest start date in Ubud is January 6th.

For background on the philosophy and strategy that inspires the formation of the Credit Commons Collective watch these talks from Matthew and Jem. And see the Credit Commons White Paper. Please email your application by September 1st to matslats at fastmail dot com

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