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Which way for the ecology movement? (Audiobook)

Despite being repetitive, and often dense, Bookchin writing in the 60s, 70s and 80s makes arguments I've never heard before, and manages to be more convincing and more optimistic than many of his contemporaries, many of whom, he argues are shallow, woolly, misanthropic, or totalitarian!

Introduction: the future of the ecology movement

Covers most of the themes of the book, but in less detail (1993)
Download (59 mins).

Will ecology become "The Dismal Science"?

Bookchin lays into spiritual ecologistsl, accusing them of mistaking industrialism for capitalism and of Neo-maulthusianism! (1989)

Read the text, or listen to Mp3 audio (25 mins).

The population myth

Lots of overlap with the the previous essay, but the focus on population and the problems not so much with the maths of Neo-mathusianism, but the tyranny of it. (1988)
Read the text or listen to the Mp3 audio (53 mins).

Sociobiology or social ecology

This longer essay is in two parts. The first looks at how ecologists try to understand human society as if it merely emerged from the deterministic biology. The second is about whether and how it is possible to derive an ethic by looking only at nature (1993).
Read the text or listen to the Mp3 audio (85 mins).

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