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Proposed ecovillage tour

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Many ecovillages are struggling to live the dream because they have yet to escape from debt and the need to pull money out of the global economy to meet their needs. Few of them are creating the things they need to live, so the majority of ecovillages are drawn into the main stream economy to meet basic needs. Ecovillages should be cooperating in wealth creation and replacing scarce money in their economic relationships with abundant trust.

I have been made an ecovillage ambassador to enable me to explore the ecovillage economy more deeply, and ask the following questions.

  • What are the barriers to generating wealth?
  • What trading opportunities have not been realised?
  • What are the most appropriate sources of investment capital?
  • How can ecovillages support each other better?
  • How can ecovillages rely less on money and more on themselves?

I hope to tour the larger ecovillages this summer, travelling slowly. Though I planned this for a year, I have a large concurrent commitment to work on the new CES software.

My aim is to listen to as many people as possible, and capture the most important information as data in a database where it can be analysed. Villages' privacy will be respected. Then I will invite others to fill in the survey, and make some proposals to GEN at the end of the year.

So I'm looking for invitations from ecovillages who would like to support this work by accommodating me for a few days or weeks from May to September.

Muchas ecoaldeas están luchando para vivir su sueño porque aún no se han escapado de la deuda y la necesidad de sacar de la economía global el dinero para cubrir sus necesidades. Son pocas las ecoaldeas que producen lo que necesitan para vivir, así que la mayoría están involucradas en la economía convencional para satisfacer sus necesidades básicas. Las ecoaldeas tendrían que estar cooperando en la creación de riqueza, sustituyendo en las relaciones económicas entre ellas el escaso dinero con abundante confianza.

He sido designado embajador de ecoaldeas para que pueda explorar su economía de manera más profunda y contestar a las siguientes preguntas.

  • ¿Cuál son los obstáculos que encuentran en la generación de riqueza?
  • ¿Cuál oportunidades de comercio aún no se han aprovechado?
  • ¿Cuál son las fuentes de capital invertido más apropiadas?
  • ¿Cómo pueden apoyarse mejor las ecoaldeas entre ellas?
  • ¿Cómo pueden las ecoaldeas depender menos del dinero y más de sus propios recursos?

Espero hacer una ruta de la mayoría de las ecoaldeas este verano, viajando lentamente. Pese a haber programado todo eso durante un año, ahora me encuentro con un doble compromiso: al mismo tiempo tendré que trabajar al nuevo software del CES.

Mi objetivo es escuchar al mayor número de personas posible y recopilar la información en una base de datos en la que se pueda analizarla. Se respetará la privacidad de las ecoladeas. Después invitaré a otros a rellenar el formulario y hacer unas propuestas a Gen a finales de año.

Entonces, estoy buscando invitaciones por parte de ecoladeas que quieran apoyar este trabajo alojándome para unos pocos días entre mayo y septiembre.


Hello Matthew, fantastic initiative, well done, and I wish you a lot of rewarding experiences with that!

I am personally involved in an ecovillage project in La Palma (Canary Islands) and we have started to spot potential eco-business streams for us but we surely would benefit from reading the results of your study.... so I was wondering, what is the best way to be kept in the loop please?

I look forward to reading all your updates!

Again, all the best and thank you for this is surely very valuable inputs for any ecovillages 'in forming' phase!

Good wishes,

Hi Matt,
In your touring, I suggest, if you haven't yet planned it, to visit the Longo Mai cooperatives. The main one is based in Limans, in south-east France. They have developped a network of 10 coop around Europe and have a system of mutual exchange (not measured) of their production. It is a post-'68 collective which has now over 40 years of existence.
I am planning to visit them toward the end of this year so I might be able to give you more info then if you need.
I am also maturing an ecovillage-type-of-project so I'm very interesting in your findings.

PS: Quite interested to find out about your work on CES, as I've used it in the past and now am using CF and can see pros and cons in both plateforms.

Thanks Loic,
Since the ecovillages I visited were focused on other things I am now interested now to connect with networks of cooperatives where the focus is production. They might be interested in accounting for exchange either internally, or with other networks. in either case I'd love an inntroduction!

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