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John Rogers is best known for having run the Institute for Community currencies in Wales.

John's message to the world, based on his 15 years experience with Communities and Currencies is that the high failure rate of LETS schemes is down to poor governance. his consulting facade, Value for People, supports nascent projects through the laborious process of setting up sustainable governance and management mechanisms.

The market for Community Currency consulting is not, shall we say, populated, leaving him time to develop materials and build bridges. He has decided to concentrate his energies on the projects which already have some coherence rather than say, preach about the benefits of local moneies, or put all his efforts into his local scheme.

In this context we have developed a free starter pack for community groups to impress upon them what he regards as due process in setting up a scheme, and to identify the groups who can benefit from his support.

Let me repeat that - expert advice, FREE to communities who are setting up.

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