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Adventures in mutual credit

Cyclos / Drupal revelations

Phew, just emerged from the most intensive gathering of CC practitioners. It was part of the GICC, a project run by Gill Seyfang. I won't recount all that took place but i think the official deliverable was well met, and a host of good advice was collected and I look forward to its dissemination.

I have a much better idea of what Cyclos does, after finally having sat down with a member of the team. And consequently I now better understand the role that the mutual credit module for Drupal has to play.

What I learned from the Finance Lab

World Wildlife Fund has realised that the global market system plays a fundamental role in driving environmental destruction. They have created an initiative called 'The Finance Lab' which aims to bring together diverse perspectives to identify and push healthier alternatives. This is a multi-year process.

CC Magazine picked up!

Community Forge has decided to take on the publishing of the CC Magazine and run it as a Community Production.

There will be one final issue published by Mark Herpel, the originator of the project.

We are appealing for volunteers to help identify content, build relationships, and help with the Desktop publishing. John Rogers of Value For People, has already agreed to write a regular column and we have 2 tentative graphics volunteers!

Local currencies and search engine optimisation

What do people looking for alternatives to our debt money system, or looking for ways to build up their local communities search for on Google? Insiders seem to cluster around the term Bernard Lietaer coined, "Complementary Currencies" but ten years since the publication of "The future of Money", this term is only used by practitioners themselves, and has yet to enter the public vocabulary.

CC Magazine bites the dust?

The Complementary Currency magazine, an attractive monthly offering featuring from all over the web, including a monthly 'new currency roundup', is no more. Mark Herpel, who has been single handedly producing the magazine for over a year, announced on his blog that he has to reduce his workload because of health reasons.

Prep for Grassroots Innovations Complementary Currency workshop

"Provide a one paragraph bio and up to two pages focussing on what innovative about my project"


My aim is to be the designer of the software that runs the mutual credit economy. My work therefore finds me not only designing software, but coding it, helping people use it, consulting about software and CC in general, strategising, building up a public persona, networking, explaining the economy, and promoting CC and good practice within it.

Drupal 6 multistep form example

I had a very hard time making a Drupal multistep form finding an example which wasn't trying to be clever. So when I had a nasty problem I made my own multistep_example module to help debug. the bug by the way turned out to be with the hide_submit module disable mode, which breaks when there are two submit buttons.

Architecture for simple complementary currencies accounting within a social network.


This document is for developers aspiring to build a mutual credit accounting ecosystem in a social network. It is a mostly platform-agnostic description of the architecture and API for the Mutual Credit module for Drupal. The core can be used with a web API for credit clearing on a remote server, or with more modules enabled, can provide all the accounting required in a Drupal-based trade exchange.

Transition Town Conference 2010

I only attended for one day, but this is what i learned about currency initiatives within Transition Towns.

Correspondance with the Bank of England (ongoing)

I can't find the answer to this question.
I understand that the Bank of England is wholly owned by the government.
I understand that the National Debt is owed in large part to the Bank of England Does that mean that the National Debt is owed by the government to the government? Is there a paradox here?


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