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Adventures in mutual credit

Spontaneous uptake of marketplace module

I always hoped, but never really believed, that engineering alone was enough bring a product to the attention of the masses, so I planned to spend this year travelling round Europe, coaxing some more early adopter communities into making the right software choice. But some thing is going right. I hardly even got an interview in the cities I visited, but past learning experiences must be paying off.

Consulting Services

John Rogers is best known for having run the Institute for Community currencies in Wales.

John's message to the world, based on his 15 years experience with Communities and Currencies is that the high failure rate of LETS schemes is down to poor governance. his consulting facade, Value for People, supports nascent projects through the laborious process of setting up sustainable governance and management mechanisms.

GETS - Where the real action is

I just got off the phone with Richard Logie managing director of The Business Exchange (TBEx), who is also chairman of IRTA’s Community Currency Committee and I have to say that I never realised that complementary currencies were thriving in the way that he experiences.

The local money paradox

You might be forgiven for thinking that local money can't move around, because it loses it's value outside the locality. And you'd be right, technically. After all, the very point of local money is to keep the value in the community that created it. But for years activists have been asking how local money, or at least local value, might move from place to place, which would be much more useful. It was all a bit academic while LETS was run on spreadsheets.

Austrian National Taushring Conference

With the merest whiff of an invitation, picked up from February's Solidarity Economy conference in Vienna, I landed myself this Sunday in a conference with reps from all the major Tauschrings in Austria. My stated intent was to promote the work of Community Forge in the face of widespread Cyclos adoption, but I was right to be flexible about that. The meeting was conducted in Teutonic fashion with everyone having a say (though I understood nothing of the proceedings).

Tauschring Toolkit

Tauschring toolkit
The full team (Tim, Shawn, Nick and I) made it to this conference in Vienna, which focused on all kinds of alternative economic mechanisms and grass roots community organisation. Of particular interest to us is the Tauschring movement, which is the German equivalent of LETS. With an ad hoc 'Tauschring Toolkit' brand we wowed the right people by showing them the software they have been envisaging for years.

team building

I'd like to introduce you to a new member of the team, jake (not his real name).

global and local moralities

For reasons buried deep in my psyche, I am attempting to maximise my personal effect on the world. This could be seen as a show of arrogance, insecurity or whatever you please. In any case, I think of this as an enlightened, noble, global morality. It looks at world as a complex system, and attempts to identify and work on the critical points, so as to nudge the world into a healthier state.

Who needs governance?

two kinds of complementary currencies

As more and more attention is gradually turned to alternative currencies, a little more clarification would be helpful about the choice of mechanisms around, and how they vary.


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