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Adventures in mutual credit

Credit cards and freedom

As a seasoned budget traveller I hold it as a principle that if you are unprepared, under resourced, lost, unfamiliar, over burdened, or gullible you are at your most vulnerable in transport hubs and city streets.

Giving conspiracy theories a bad name

With the possible exception of the Kennedy assassination, a lot of sensible people give no credence to conspiracy theories. Once you go down that road, you start to mix with anarchists, holocaust deniers, UFOlogists and all sorts of undesirable types.

Drupal to support communities through recession

Many months of work culminated this week in a new module release, Complementary Currencies. This module is aimed at thousands of communities throughout the world who have been exchanging goods and services without money, sometimes for many years.

Drupal now running LETS

At last, my three year ambition is realised to build a web site for a community trading in complementary currencies. I parked myself in a cafe in Zadar, Croatia for December 2005 and coded matsLETS in php/mySQL.

Pipped to the post

I have been saying that I know of no complementary currency system based on a social networking platform apart from my own, marketplace, but all that changed this week.

Congratulations to Austin Time Exchange, who launched their site days before my first site. (watch this space).

Google 10 to the power 100

I just submitted my application to Google's 10 to the power 100 project to identify projects which would impact on the greatest number of people (in the opinion of the web-oriented voters).

Your idea's name (maximum 50 characters):
At last, local money support for the web!

2nd preliminary meeting

The nascent Geneva Web Collective met again today, with Gerald, Marcus and Xavier in addition to last weeks attendees.

Herding cats

The LETS world seems to attract idealists who start projects which are bigger than their ability to pursue them. Focusing on software, I only know of one project with more than one person working on it - Cyclos. There seem to be several one man initiatives which aren't going anywhere. And it's not like everyone is trying to achieve the same thing either, which explains in part why these people aren't working together. Here is a list of people and projects I have direct experience of:

    Preliminary meeting of the Geneva Web Collective

    Last night I met Samuel and Florian at Tim's house to discuss what the Geneva Web collective should be. Apologies from Marc, Stephie and Gerald. This is as far as we got:

    1. The Geneva Web Collective will be an association of web professionals working under a single umbrella to support non-profit organisations and to implement their online strategies.
    2. We aim to be the first point of enquiry when non-profit and UN organisations in Geneva consider a new web project.

    First Geneva meetup

    Geneva is probably the non-profit capital of the world and therefore a natural target for Drupal. Development Seed, who specialise in non-profits, called this meeting as they were passing through soliciting clients. Development Seed have invested a lot in growing the community in Washington DC and there are now three groups in that city.

    This meeting was attended by a mixture of developers, organisations using Drupal, and organisations considering Drupal, 16 people in all.


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