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First Credit Commons meetup, hosted @Ynternet, Lausanne

Five of us met at Ynternet headquarters near Lausanne, Switzerland on 4th and 5th to discuss development of the credit commons idea. I reported many positive experiences this year as he talked about the white paper with different people. I also reaffirmed that I didn’t know what leadership meant, but did understand the role of ‘holding the vision’. We agreed that in practice and for this kind of project, leadership is distributed.

We caught on the gossip about some exchange projects, most notably the forthcoming 'Leman' currency in Geneva.

Then for the rest of the day we discussed the approach for a 2017 CAPS proposal. We thought it was important to include business barter more than the social currencies, and as such, we will seek to engage Sardex as the prime project partner, aware that they may have many competing offers for CAPS partnerships! On the second day we considered our technological progress. Lucas Huber, working independently, remotely presented the Moneygrid design which extends the commercial-but-open Interledger Protocol to work with mutual credit systems. Interledger doesn’t have governance built-in though, as would be possible with smart contracts.

I presented Rogelio’s work in Ethereum. This also is not a full implementation of credit commons, because the fractal dimension and built-in governance was turning out to be pretty complex, nonetheless it does enough to replace clearing central. Before we can use it we need to document the contracts function calls as an API. I hoped that more blockchain expertise might be forthcoming.

We then turned to structuring and directing our work using broadly sociocratic methods. By the end of the meeting all five people present had accepted a role.

Lead link
Sybille Saint Girons
Fundraising (CAPS)
Thanasis Priftis
Katalin Hausel
Institutional Relationships
Tim Anderson
Matthew Slater
To be determined

Looking forward to another face-to-face meeting around the complementary currency conference in Spain May 10th-14th!

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