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Drupal to support communities through recession

Many months of work culminated this week in a new module release, Complementary Currencies. This module is aimed at thousands of communities throughout the world who have been exchanging goods and services without money, sometimes for many years.

There are several established systems for community exchange, called, variously, LETS, time banks, open money, and many more systems working on less demonstrated principles. The complementary currencies module aspires to be flexible enough to support a wide range of currency models.

The creator of the module, matslats, is banking on people turning to the alternative economy to escape the recession. He hopes to build a sustainable income from deploying, hosting, and extending it.

Currently the package takes the form of a core 'transactions' module and some extension modules, with a helpful selection of pre-rendered views, blocks, actions, page callbacks, so setting it up should be mostly a matter of trimming functionality. However, new ways will be provided to make the module, and Drupal, more easily deployable to communities with small IT budgets.

You can track the progress of the module on matslats' blog; he also aggregates items on the alternative economy

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