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team building

I'd like to introduce you to a new member of the team, jake (not his real name).

In many ways he takes after me, not having launched a career so late in his twenties, and prefering no role at all to a meaningless role. He's always loved his movies, music and games, but the last couple of years, he's been fixing computers, making Linux work for him, and building web sites. In addition he's rather well read on British and world politics and properly aware of internet security issues. So mentioning his real name wouldn't be appropriate.

I picked my timing carefully, and now he is like an intern to me. At least, I pay him like an intern, but in fact, he's doubling my productivity. The plan is, my job will be mostly writing code and emails, while Jake will be building and hosting the actual web sites.

Because I have little time to earn proper money, we're going somewhere cheap and warm for a while. Team building! Tim (that is his real name), the co-chair of Seldulac, is permanently based in Geneva, close to our web server. We have yet to decide a name for the association though.

So Welcome to Jake! May you have work, fun, travel and career development all at the same time!

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