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Sharing and software (in timebanking)

In this talk to the Global Exchange Gathering last week, I show how the competition between timebanking platforms is a result of the software structures, and how even if different platforms can't share code, the can still service their users by becoming more interoperable.

The talk was very well received perhaps because I spent the previous five days in reconnaissance, and thus was able to say what this audience needed to hear.


What I would find especially interesting are gift- and sharingplattforms

Sarah, have a look at,, and There are heaps of good community-building website initiatives popping up online all the time. One problem I've noticed, after more than a decade watching and working on them, is that too many of them are created by novice web developers, who reinvent the wheel instead of using well-supported free code, or create something genuinely new, but don't build an open source community around it to ensure ongoing maintenance and development is sustainable. Both Matt's Drupal module and Community Weaver (also based on a set of Drupal modules) solve this problem by releasing their code, and encouraging others to work on it with them, and I'd like to see community ICT support embrace this model, for the reasons Matt describes in this talk.

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