The Open Credit Network is an initiative to build network of complementary currency systems using the Credit Commons.
Co-author, with Prof Jem Bendell of the Money & Society MOOC, a free online interdisciplinary masters level course.
Created open source software for community exchange, notably the Community Accounting module and Hamlets.

In 2013-14 I toured several ecovillages in Europe to find out about how their economies worked.
The Trading floor game workshop co-created with Sybille Saint Girons. Experiential learning on how money works.
I co-founded Community Forge with Tim Anderson, which now provides free software to over 300 community currencies.

I have recorded audiobooks, on the subject of money and more.
I blog about my work and other thoughts from time to time. Sign up on the left for email notifications!
Great interview of me by Amsterdam MoneyLab

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