Comparison Matrix of community currency software

Name Description License Platform Interfaces Leaders uptake
Cyclos softwareintended for use in cc systems like LETS, Barter, Time bank, C3 andmicro finance systems GPL Java,JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate Ticketing,SOAP, web/AJAX, will support JPos HugoVan Der Zee 30known communities
ccLite communitycurrency accounting for local exchange trading systems (LETS), bankingand other alternative money systems GPL Perl HughBarnard conformaceto Richard Kay's MRS specification
LocalExchange asingle-currency system to support a LETS or timebank GPL LAMP CalvinPriest
Ripple routingpayments through arbitrary currency networks GPL Python RyanFugger noindicators available
Open Money Implements Michael Linton's economic concepts MIT Ruby(currently) coming:REST Michael LintonEric Harris-Braun Wellthought out theoretical basis
Regenerosity Aweb based service similar to LETS webbased embeddableweb widget, web site GeoffChesshire closedto new accounts
userpoints module Asimple module for tracking transactions between users of a Drupalinstance Drupal KhalidBaheyeldin afew web sites so far
SANE (South African New Economics) A parallel curency to pay for a basic income in South africa PHP thousands of users

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