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Here is a list of all the CC blogs I have found and think are worth reading. It might look long, but actually there's not a lot here. If I missed any out, please add in the comments.


Currency Solutions for a wiser world Lietaer's new site
Yours Truly on CC software and whatever else I feel nobody else is paying attention to
Mira Luna's blog centred on California & West Coast
Michel Bauwens touches on money sometimes
New Zealand Living economies
Tom Greco saves his best material for his books
Emergence Collective
Carol Brouillet's radio show on a wide range of subjects
DYNDY just appeared on the scene
Chris Lindstrom very quiet lately
Other Money Collected by Annette Loudon


CC Magazine
New economy articles from Yes Magazine
Sharable Magazine touches on money sometimes
Max Keiser, charismatic goldbug making radio and TV shows


Automatic earth is a learned interpretation of the deflationary depression
Global guerrillas is about systems disruption, technology and open source warfare. Includes community money.


Positive Money UK Campaign for interest free money

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Time Banks
Complementary Currency

Note that Main street cash is now closed.

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