Adventures in mutual credit

REFI Spring Conference

'Regenerative' is the new 'sustainable'.

If 'DeFi' means decentralised (i.e. blockchain) finance, 'ReFi' means Regenerative decentralised finance. It was under this banner that 50+ folks met last week in Austria, including superstars Art Brock & Eric Harris Brown (Holo founders) and Shaun Conway from IXO.

Another end of the world is possible

Following on from How everything can collapse, the french collapsologists now turn their attention to coping with collapse, psychologically, intellectually and even practically.

This is a thoughtful book drawing on useful experience, and covering a lot of ground in a fairly systematic way.

Audio chapters in this zip include

Pivot to blockchain

Last week I was pleased to attend a Crypto-commons Gathering with a crowd of people who believe that cryptocurrencies have a role to play in bending the arc of the future towards justice, peace and prosperity.

Money maker board game

As an adult I've had very little to do with board games beyond an awareness that adult board games are complex enough to be interesting, and there is a vibrant community of adults who enjoy them!

Credit Commons accounting.

There are many different ways of accounting and things to be accounted for; Despite its simplicity, I've had some difficulty in the past explaining mutual credit accounting, even to educated people, so this blog is an attempt to express it clearly, for the record.

COVID19 organising

UK mutual aid groups

We radicals have been dreaming of other social structures for decades, especially ones based on place, and on solidarity, but only very occasionally have we been able to build them.

Defining mutual credit

I've been talking about mutual credit for well over a decade now and it has become apparent that different people mean different things by it. Up to a point, that's okay because everyone I talked to understood well enough that it meant the units for payment between members of the group were 'created' and 'destroyed' as members spent below a balance of zero, furthermore that going into 'commitment' was not a privilege reserved for an issuer, but that any member could do it.

Some thoughts on informal finance

I know many practical people doing amazing work but who hold and are held in disdain by the world of finance because of their small size and inconventional approaches. Conversely folk who accumulate a thousand Euros here or there have no standard ways to invest it in small projects in a way that is fair to both saver and producer. A different kind of finance is needed - so what would it look like?

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