Adventures in mutual credit

Resource network

There have been a few half-hearted attempts to do mutual credit, or business barter on a blockchain, but the only one that has cut any ice at all with me so far is Resource. Founder David Casey was a social entrepreneur experimenting with mutual credit long before venturing into blockchain and he has assembled a team which seems to be committed to honest finance rather than shilling shitcoins.

The missing social network

The assumptions of web software architecture.

The most successful organisations are mostly private corporations who jealously guard their members / customers, and seek to grow and squeeze out the competition and establish a monopoly. The software of the web reflects that, as each company has its own web platform, inside of which it seeks to retain its users by being the largest or only player in the space.

Audiobook: Justice is an option

I've been immersed in monetary theory for several years. At one point I realised that money-as-we-know-it and markets are actually just two aspects of the same idea, and that the two evolve together. So saying, I've read a lot about money, its sociology, history, philosophy etc, but very little about markets.

REFI Spring Conference

'Regenerative' is the new 'sustainable'.

If 'DeFi' means decentralised (i.e. blockchain) finance, 'ReFi' means Regenerative decentralised finance. It was under this banner that 50+ folks met last week in Austria, including superstars Art Brock & Eric Harris Brown (Holo founders) and Shaun Conway from IXO.

Another end of the world is possible

Following up from How everything can collapse, the french collapsologists now turn their attention to coping with collapse, psychologically, intellectually and even practically.

This is a thoughtful book drawing on useful experience, and covering a lot of ground in a fairly systematic way.

Audio chapters in this zip include

Pivot to blockchain

Last week I was pleased to attend a Crypto-commons Gathering with a crowd of people who believe that cryptocurrencies have a role to play in bending the arc of the future towards justice, peace and prosperity.

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