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Mutual Credit v3: Account Limits

In strict mutual credit systems, unlike most others, users balances must not deviate too far from zero. It is common for LETS groups to impose positive and negative restrictions on users' balances. In other accounting systems, a minimum balance of zero is common.

Some users may have different balance limits to others, for example trusted or collateralised users may have access to more credit. Someone saving up may be granted a higher balance limit.

And if balances limits are to be individual, then there are no end of suggestions as to how to calculate them.

The mutual credit module comes with an additional module called 'limits', which adds to the currency properties, and injects its own validation function into transactions. It doesn't store the limits in the database (except for individual users).
So the currency configurator selects a method for default balance limits (extensible via a hook)
There is an option to override the algorythm and set user limits on the user profile.
And there are other options to ignore limits under certain circumstances, say, in transactions of type 'auto'.

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