A view from Russia

Evgeny Fedorov, from the Russian Parliament, explains what Russian Central Bank's role in the currency war, and then outlines how the USA is planning a coup in Russia.
It is 20 mins of subtitled Russian, so I took notes...

Thanks to Trade with Dave for bringing it to my attention.

In Russia Central bank interest rates are high (they just jumped from 10 to 17%).
Compare this to Developed countries' interest rates which are low.
That means that Roubles are used for exchange & short term things, but for construction projects foreign credit is used.
The Central Bank is lending hardly any money into the economy.
That means that foreigners own Russian Industry.
That's why the Russian Central bank is a 'Colonial' bank.
UK, which has no money of its own, is issuing credit with which it owns half of wealthy Russia.
The Central Bank is independent of the will of the president, and run by traitors.
If the Russian CB were to lower interest rates Russia would be able to invest in its own industry. the economy would change overnight.
The high interest rate is a fence to keep the poor people 'in'.
The current volume of dollars in Russia is 4 times the volume of Rouble cash.
This is not our Central Bank this is an enemy Central Bank on Russia's territory.
The law written in 1991 subordinates the Russian Central Bank to USA, a subsidiary of the IMF.
The Central Bank is strangling the state in preparation for a rebellion.
Officials of the City of Moscow are part of this 'Fifth Column', laying off doctors while other orgs that no-one has heard of are organising protests and clearing the streets for them.
When putin organised a rally, the web site was cut off by the ministry of communications! They will attempt a coup d'etat in Spring because the Saudis will only keep the oil price down for more than half a year, otherwise it will benefit China

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