Reinventing the wheel of community exchange networks

List of Free-to-use community exchange software.
This is a list of networks, almost all are running on custom built software. I'm not accusing every one here of being unnecessary, only pointing out large overlaps and common gaps. The data is not super accurate either.
urlscoperesourcesopen sourceAPI?accountingmobile appcomment
MakerfoxGlobal3rd Sectoryesnon/ayesCircular barter system
KindistaGlobalVolunteernonohoursyestimebanking without time banks
PendoGlobal/local3rd Sectornonoyesyes
EasyswapGlobalPro bonononohoursyes
TradecoinGlobalPro bonoyesyesyesyesCommercial
IgoBonoGlobalprivate investmentnonoyesyes
Impossible.comGlobalPro bonononomaybeyescelebrity clout
PeerbyHolland3rd Sectornononoyes
NextDoor USAVenture capnononoyesBig Brother
ZumbaraTurkeyVolunteernonohoursyessoftware choices constrained by volunteer availability
neighborgoodsUSAPro bononononono
The ShareHoodMelbourne, AustraliaVolunteernonononoTrialled currency and stopped
OmnuiGlobalPro bonononohoursno
Reconomy Global TimebankGlobalVolunteeryesyeshoursno
Time/BankMultipleVolunteeryesnohoursnoArtists' portal
Economy of hoursHackney, London3rd Sectornonoyes
hOurworldTime banksSocial enterprisenonohoursyes
HamletsMultipleVolunteeryesyesyessoon!made by matslats myself
Community Weaver IIMultiple3rd sectorIn principlenohoursno
produciaRichmond, VA, USA3rd SectoryesnoyesyesDead
Integral CESSpainVolunteeryesnoyesnoSpanish emulation of CES
Swap AceEnglishAdvertisingnononono
Swap TreasuresUSAVenture Capnononono
UexchangeEnglishVenture Capnononono
ListiaUSAVenture Capnonoyesyes
Slivers of timeUk3rd sectoryeshoursnoyesTimebank for professionals
Blue DotUK3rd Sectornonoyesno
StreetbankEnglish3rd sectornononoyes
WehelpenHolland3rd sectornonoyesno
communitatsMultiplePro bonononoyesnoDead
B2B en tradeFrancePro bonononoyes
BarterquestNew YorkVenture Capnonoyes
DropisItalyPro bonononoyesno
Bank of HappinessGlobalVolunteernononono
SeedstockVancouverVolunteeryesnoyesyesBased on Open Money accounting
Jack of all TradesVolunteeryesnoyesnoPre-release
Life CurrencyMultipleVolunteeryesnoyesno
AccorderieMultiple3rd Sectornonoyesno
KuiddleUSA - nonoyesyes
YingUSA - nonoyesyes
NeebozMelbourne, AUPrivateyesnoyesno
Semilla SocialMadridPrivateyesnoyesyes

See how many of these are funded by the public but are not open source

Each of these is a separate marketplace - to what extent should marketplaces compete, and to what extent cooperate?

Would the sharing economy grow faster or slower if all these projects were interoperable?

How many of these projects are even aware of each other?

Why would you make a marketplace without an API so that other applications can access it?


Humans are driven by the world models they carry in their heads. Each of us has one and they are all flawed, thus suffering exists. A manifestation of this imperfection is multitude of approaches solving the "same" problem. One day, somebody out there will come up with the right approach (possibly having studied some/all of the existing ones) and a new paradigm will replace the current economic landscape. So me thinks their existence is healthy. :-)

Hi Matthew, I'd like to tell you about TimesFree - we're mostly focussed on single-service co-ops (eg. hosting for babysitting co-ops), on a mobile-first platform that I think solves a couple of problems. First, the game theory/microeconomics problem of the Capitol Hill Babysitting Co-op: I worked on the matching logic using an agent-based simulation and have really reduced market friction a lot with a fairly simple algorithm. Second, user engagement: being a mobile first platform lets us do a lot of things to keep people active in their co-op. Plus, TimesFree is fully integrated with social networks - you can post requests, invitations to join a group, etc. on Facebook or Twitter from the app!
Thanks for maintaining such a useful list :)

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