Resources for further study

The following is a personal selection of resources which point towards the need for a resurgence in local money systems.
Money as debt (40 mins video). An introduction to the present money system, and how bankers profited at each stage of its evolution. Also see this 7 minute taster, the Essence of Money
The future of money (book) Bernard Lietaer, A global perspective on why only complementary currencies can save the world (2000)
Banking quotes from the Founding fathers (warning: may cause alarm.)
The Secret of Oz How the struggle for control of America's money was allegorised in a popular children's book. (103 mins)
I want the earth plus 5%, a parable about the evolution of banking
Douglas Rushkoff, (16 mins video) Radical Abundance: How We Get Past "Free" and Learn to Exchange Value Again
Article: Out of the Box Thinking about our Financial Crisis
The Lost Science of Money, book by Stephen Zarlenga. How two main ideas of money have competed through history
The End of Money and the Future of Civilization Book critiquing of the money system and a proposal for a mutual credit economy
Wizards of Money Radio series explaining money, markets and economics.
CC implementation
Community Forge Free software and consulting (I am a co-founder)
Complementary Currency Resource Centre, a library of information and resources
Value for People John Rogers
Community Exchange System, a global network of over 170 communities using local money, based in South Africa
Complementary Currency resource centre, a collection of resources assembled over many years by a single practitioner
CC discussion & ideas
Positive Money Public education campaign
Slow money, a spinoff from Slow Food
Metacurrency project, a proposal for a currency framework for the future.
Community Currency Magazine, news and articles
Thomas Greco, mutual credit protagonist author
International Journal of Community Currency research
Kiwa, Kilowatt hour money
Fund for Complementary Currencies
Software & Services
Complementary Currencies module for Drupal
Community Exchange System, a global network of over 300 communities using local money, based in South Africa
Money makes the world go round

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